Blockbuster!!! Manzi wa Donholm featuring Vic West, Chan Chan and Blacowp

“This shit fire broo, straight flames.”

“I feel the vibe, this is more than just big…” Fans’ words, not mine.

Admissible as well as fitting the current trend, Manzi wa Donholm is a responsive song created by the best of the best. Vic West is a Kenyan Black Market Records producer dealing with both movie and music production. This explains the creativity in the song video. The project features Chan Chan and Blacowp chanting their hearts out with passion.

This melody is all about betrayal. Toxicity surpassing love and becoming a bitter story.

My special segment is the aura sorrounding the model, her name is Michelle Dyer. She fires up with rage as she takes up the role of a toxic lover, hurt and thirsty to revenge. It’s enraging yet she thrives in the bad making this song my favorite.

Vic’s latest projects include Kulewa kuchuchuma by sailors, Wanatudai by Team psycho zzero and Dmoore, Saidong and many other successful stories. Check them out on Youtube.

‘A Blessing in disguise’

So I took a stroll home from work reminiscing, thinking about how I put aside my To-do list and concentrate immensely on work. A unplanned stroll really.

Like did you yet start on that book? Or that fashion project? Lately there has been a lot on my plate and I am unable to chew it all. These are personal goals that will vanish in thin air because I can’t establish my life balance. Yes, I love that now I work and to top it all, it’s what I love to do but am I willing to drop my personal projects just to hustle and bustle.

Saturday is supposed to be my fashion project, with an incomplete draft in my inbox…..I manage to beat my chest with pride because I think I actually did something. My mind screams incompetence, procrastination and a sense of indiscipline all at once. Not that the clock ticks backwards. “You know, I am really just human.”

On the bright side, I explore a side that is fascinating. Working with celebrities, an extreme spot. Attending social events work relatable and networking is a gift I cannot reverse. A blessing in disguise really.

And yes, I have been dying to canvas this piece with my artistic self. I know I promised you fire pictures.

I do not hesitate to throw you a bone. I liked some of them.

I liked the idea of taking them better. Brace yourself for monalisa kind of naturals😆, seriously I do exaggerate sometimes.

And yes, there we have.

Get to know your Artist. – Is there more to the fight? #Masilver#Winny Wayua.

Is protecting someone really worth the backlash or confrontation?

Masilver, Sailor’s child agrees.

“I shield those I love at all costs”

As NASA successfully launches a new robotic rover on Mars with an ambitious effort to fully and directly study if life ever existed on this barren planet (now you know), bottles fly in clubs back at home and land on human foreheads.

It’s all candy and cheese in these clubs (and more booze) until someone goes full savage.

” I wait for about 20 minutes for my crew to show up and now I am loosing it. Instinctively, I decide to proceed to the parking lot when I see guys throwing blows at each other, it’s intense. It’s none of my business but I freak out for a bit. Psychologically prepared but reluctant I walk into the packing lot and the first thing I see is Masilver bleeding, blood oozing out his forehead. His girlfriend sobbing uncontrollably.” Black Market Africa CEO Ced narration on the incident.

A birthday party at Club Onyix, all social figures in attendance. It was Masilver’s mother birthday. A guy eyed Wayua, not a friendly stare neither was it well intended. He got persuasive and Masilver had to protect his girlfriend. At this very moment, the guy did his worst by striking him with a bottle on the head. He passed out while being rushed to the hospital.

Question is, are these two trying to hide something? The intensity of the fight does not correspond to normalcy.

Get our next episode of Get to Know your artist right here.

Siskii- Mejja

“Mnaona statue ndethe and y’all appreciate this kind of art. It’s all over our roads, the statehouse, the museum and all glorified places.”

When a musician puts daily occurrences into words, it is offensive and misleading to the young generation. The reality is that the young generation, our children know more than we think they do.

Okwokwo shuts the media down by surfacing with nothing but a banger. Siskii is a Kenyan controversial talk now. Mejja is in the club with a tumbler When the girlfriend shows up and tries to get insulting.

Way back Mejja was a force to be reckoned with when he was a member of the kansoul. Now, he can’t be touched. I believe it’s the highlight of his career.

In just four days, siskii is getting to five hundred thousand views. This hit was produced by mavo on the beat. Pure vibes.

It’s clearly the hot thing on the internet right now.

As we jam to this baby, we await on Exray’s album, Sherehe sheria by Mbuzi Gang ft Jovial, Step In by Jegede ft Angella Katatumba and many more from Black Market Records. Stay tuned.

Dope or Dope?- Odi wa Murang’a ft Sollex.


Tears fall when the beat drops. Ashes fall when the beat drops.”

“…..but then again I feel blessed with the pen.”

Kenyan rapper and songwriter, Odi wa muranga.

It’s not the song. It’s the singing.

This icy whether needs some spicy. A banger. A valentine stay in for the singles. Believe me, I know exactly what to recommend.

Did you know that Francis Macharia aka Odi wa Muranga did Gospel rap before Gengetone?….no you did not. Hate to toot my own horn but I knew……oops. It is not exactly the focus here but I thought you should be aware. The Boondocks Gang member is back with zeal to conquer, not that he was away.

Born 1998, you would bear me witness that this is a tempting barbarous stage for youths. Alluring ‘youngings’ to get lost in the world of vanity. For Odi, music is passion and his driving force. The Black Market Records company is here to turn this devotedness into a dream come true.

Sabina featuring Sollex and Odi wa Muranga is available on all streaming platforms. This one the video quality is top notch starring Kenyan socialities in a tour van exploring the Maasai Mara. I now wish it was a vacation spree.

This hot single is a combination of rap done by Odi and marvelous local vocals by Sollex. The vocals are in kikuyu, the money making language as they say. The song if translated to English is about a ‘hot chic’ Sabina who is equally educated, a thoughtful thinker and obviously a plus to society. This, I would love to dedicate to my hardworking beautiful women.

Hop onto that tiktok challenge, or Instagram.

Even better, create one.

Check out @ Odi_wa_muranga on Instagram, @blackmarketafrica and @ Sollex.

Click the link below to access the video on YouTube.

Have fun jamming to this as I know you will.

Angella Katatumba- Ugandan Rising Jewel.

Ugandan singer, vocalist, philanthropist,founder AKDF NGO and managing Director at Hotel Diplomaté.

Category- Know your artist ☺️.(BLACK MARKET RECORDS)

“….and how many women are amazing in the kitchen and amazing in the bedroom and still their marriages don’t work out. I want women to be independent and build themselves.”

Angella Katatumba on Radio Citizen with Mzazi Willy Mtuva.

A star shines. A star is rising.

What shall I say? Rather, where to start? A lot has been muttered.

This week we take it a notch higher. We are tinting it on a significant exquisite canvas. (What if it works better or greater than you imagined, entertain that thought)

Meet Angella the Ugandan singer who has managed to warm our hearts with an infectious laughter and a euphonious voice (for real, you should hear her laugh). Juggling from Jamaican riddim to Swahili, to English she is clutching the music industry with both claws. For Angie….I hope she adores the nickname, success has no definite formula once you ride on that motivation engine, you will sail to the land of I.C.O.N.S. Women should infact rise up, long gone are the days when all they had to do was cook.


Angella was born in Kenya( she is Ugandan), did her kindergarten here, moved to Uganda for her Ugandan certificate primary educational. She later went to Canada, the land of unrivaled sceneries to pursue her highschool. You know for a girl that did Economics and Law in Oxford, London she is pretty chill.

You shall make haste if your wish is to be trendy because this girl right here is the furnace, hot as simile for her tale will be told across. Just a matter of time.

Check out her amazing music on YouTube where she sings her heart with hits like Tonelabila ft Daddy Andre, Emotional a single and Love me a collabo with Kent and Flosso.

The Tonelabila hit maker is here with a banger featuring bewildering artists. A hint…… It’s all African artists in this ‘baby’. Angella runs Hotel Diplomaté as the CEO, has a foundation under her name; The Angella Katatumba Development Foundation that organizes and solicits donations, delivering them to people living in worn torn poverty and ramshackles. Talk about being the CEO of your life. The foundation begun 2005, 1st December under the same year she exclusively pursued music.

If you haven’t already followed her insta, you are missing out. Click that subscribe button on YouTube, all handles bearing her household name at Angella Katatumba.

On the next episode of know your artist we feature Mbuzi Gang….The Shamra Shamra hit makers. Are you ready? I hope you are. No, I know you are.

~By Trizah Esther.

Black Market Records.

The End.

She whispered. He heard, they heard, we heard.

End of week. Worn out. Lustrous. Horny.

Interviews, charming, difficult, clueless.

So yes, Friday and more booze.

A word there, here….

Get your ass outta the house, time to loosen up.

Art is naked, dirty…fucking awesome, hell yeah.

Dying to check out at Cafe kiboko’s work soon. I learnt some of my writing just by reading his.

Here to tell you about alternate sounds. A good Saturday to jam to this Nigerian band. Obsessed with Kenyan music they are. I love them.

Did you hop on to the silhouette challenge yet? You might be the only one left out. Though gone even without beginning.

I didn’t know I fucked with photoshoots, as a matter of fact, I enjoyed the last one I had. Stole my sister’s clothes, dressed up and put on full makeup. Marvelous. So,here waiting for the outcome. You are not ready!! Everyone says so, but I know you are not. Hate to toot my own horn but well…..

I have so much to rumble about our new space. Our new home. I always wanted an aquarium, we have one. I adore my roomies. I haven’t told you about the watchman. I think he might be bipolar. The other time he switched off our token box and helped me go around looking for a socket to recharge the tokens. We discover the next day that infact, he did have a hand in it. On normal days, he listens to Dr. Awuor or some Christian jams on his handy radio. What a psycho…or maybe he just wants some extra coins.

Super grateful for February, although didn’t exactly start as I anticipated, glad it’s here and I am lazy. I wish not to be.

W.O.D-Word of the day……(Starting this segment for some of us to learn new words)

Anaphora….. this is the word of the day. Describes a repetition of words at the beginning of a sentence to create emphasis. An example…..

When love……When all you think……..When…..


What is unethical?- A quest.

Category- life

Somewhere in the midst of the night, I gaggle the last ounce of coffee, the air is calm and my knuckles restless. A summersault position I assume because sleep has become a stubborn insurmountable friend. When everyone and everything finds peace in their own cocoon, I chortle righteously like a clueless baby for comedies have become my remedy when insomnia strikes.

Do you earn from blogging? A question I have learnt to nature. You know writing is such an expensive career, sure….I am in Mauritius, Did you see the Jeep Wrangler JK I bought? Maybe we should go shopping in Dubai. Okay, no I don’t. Anyway, I love to sit out through this sessions, being attentive to the lumber humans spit.

Getting to the I am loosing focus, I don’t know where I am headed to. Yeahh, you sure don’t know where you’re coming from. As a blogger, I am your critic mirror. We write the bad stuff you know. This month has had heinous, call it appalling or disgusting acts roaming the internet corridors. Scary as a man whom a ghost was marred, like the jack-rabbit freaks at the howl of a wolf. The unpleasants have been sharply screaming since the beginning of the year. What are the odds that after an unprecedented murder occured a child poisons the dad. Did you hear about the gruesome murder? The son slaughters the dad, leaving the poor man in excruciating pain, as if that’s not enough to make him guilty, he proceeds to the mother. I thought guys loved their mothers, apparently not this one. Everyone has a soft spot for their siblings but not in his world, for him, they all had to go. He might actually be psychotic if not schizophrenic for getting the ideas from watching a movie.

The stakes are high for loosing our cultural focus. Kat Cole said, I was always running from where I came from but as I get older, I realize it is the very thing that makes me unique. Focus!

I studied in a countryside academy. Sure fancy during my times. It occurred to me later that I witnessed a guy get bullied but I couldn’t stand up for them. A boy student tosses a younger student in muddy icy water. The weather gave winter vibes, imagine the pain. This happened after a thorough beating from the opponent, I was so young I cried. Poor child, I mean we were just kids. I learnt not to mess with “weirdos”. This incident reoccurred in my mind recently in connection to the madness spreading like teargas and I realized that I kids have been left to decide. The direction they choose, might not be pleasant.

I hate to bore you with stories, just pissed.

This days the line between sane or insane is blurry.

I am ambivalent.

Haven’t started that book yet 😬. Any ideas?

Gotta go. Make reasonable choices, if not right.

Start Up

Perhaps I should join you early tomorrow. Tears of frustration cascading down my eyes.

Ukienda hutarudi 🌝. He obviously read through me.

I have more unfinished drafts than posts this year. Supposedly looking for a magnificent way to start up the year. Whatever, nothing came out perfect, not even this post.

January and hitting rock bottom. Is this the top you pictured? Me neither.

When I had this weird escapade start of the year, I had more to reflect on. The needle looked gigantic, like who is afraid of needles, in this era. A cry of surprise to fearless me; so I thought.

I thought, does the same fear hold me back everytime?

“His hand was thy master, my thigh thy slave.” You should have seen the doctor chuckle, glanced up my Adam’s apple giggling beyond control.

perhaps I should join you early tomorrow. ” Tears of frustration cascading down my eyes.

“Ukienda hutarudi.” The doctor read through me. He must have encountered worse. The embarrassing part, the injection was nothing close to painful. Imagine the jaw drop, imagine how I held down my shame because clearly I had no business overreacting.

You should see my laptop, I wrote it all there.  I will quote just this favorite part, rather parts.

“I stumble upon this hidden clinic, I promise I wasn’t looking. The environment feels like a slaughter house, Nat GEO is playing in the background with lions hunting for prey. I realize, I have played myself. I can’t dick out, I am a champ.”

“entering into the consultant room gives me chills, but the attendant has a soothing voice. I magically switch my other butt balancing it with the other as I wait my predicament.”

Deep breath. The 10 minute rule. Take 10 minutes to remind yourself that you can do it and switch back to reality because time does not count backwards.

I did a critic, review of Sincerely Daisy, maybe I might tag the link, just maybe. If I was Nick Mutuma, I would kill me.

Of course I had to channel this negative energy into something. I tried.

My greatest wish this year is to write a book and finish it. I haven’t started yet but I will. Pay rent without a struggle and bag that cash, ain’t no room for play.

A Burger With a side Story. – Happy Fucking New year.

On my desk in the Oval office, I have a little sign that says: there is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit- Ronald Regard.

All limitations are self imposed, greatest lesson I learnt this year.

So you want to assume that we pay double the price in a matatu and still overload-Nairobi. 😤 Y’all must be cool kids if you can’t relate.

Monday and fucking clueless.

I hope you enjoy going to work 😆, maybe not but it’s still a thing.

Today I wish to blog about CHRISTMAS. Any plans?

Growing up, I adored Christmas, like a goddamn gift, treasured it like a wrapped up present. Where did the Christmas spirit go to? Do you still get presents? Damn, feeling like a rapper, y’all saw how I flowed there.

Never mind.

So yeah just like that this year comes to a halt. Not entirely what we wished for a year but great things have been done. Great people have surfaced and awesome bonds created. I don’t know about you but you made it and that’s huge.

Here is what I ticked on my bucket list…. running away from the cops, visiting a restaurant spontaneously and treating myself to a delicious mealist, interviewing celebrities and reaching my fifty target blog posts. Realising my favorite music genre is still part of it. Oh yeah, read at least ten books.

Wonder if your year mattered…..what do you intend to change coming next year….which is like a day to. The storyteller’s secret is my way of welcoming this new year. A great read by Carmine Gallo. There is a lot of controversial topics revolving around success; I like to know what I can.  This book is all about creating a story that could be a game changer. Pitching an idea that’d be irresistibly tops, I don’t know about you but I buy it. The best marketers tell the best stories, those close to the heart, most involving struggle and pain.

I wish your year be a successful story or rather create one that’d be a stepping stone. Be kind, not that it’s something you aren’t aware of.

N/B This is a three days combination blog post.

Things I learnt this year,

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Anybody can make it, educational levels are fucking trash.

There are rich people that are poor, stuck with unpaid loans and strangled with depression. Have no pressure, God’s timing.

Life is priceless, short too. Most people lost their loved ones and you can’t keep waiting to matter, go for it.

I want to be bigger and better next year and so help me God.

Financial intelligence is the ultimate goal.

Always lend a hand if you’re capable. Forgive and forget ( literally) let that shit go. Ain’t nobody matter more than you do.

Let’s meet at the goddamn top table, this new year should bring more hope.

Finally, a big appreciation for everyone that took time to read my posts, shared and left a review, you are the kings and queens. To everyone I worked with, it was an honor and you’re great people.

Bella Ciao 😘.

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