Check Out Mbuzi Gang’s New Official YouTube channel.

Mbuzi gang have finally decided to share their work on their new official channel at Mbuzi Gang official. You must know that this crew is blazing with hits like Shamra Shamra that’s already on the journey to five million views, Sherehe Sheria, Wagithomo and their personal projects as well. Mbuzi gang comprises of Joefes also known as Mr. Nun, iphoolish known as the fresh prince of kisii and Farthermor the hook master.

With support from Black Market Records that’s their label, the gang is on a journey of creating eclectic music and encouraging the dream that they will be recognized internationally. Locally, they are on a music tour in Uganda to expand their fan base.

They have a new song on this channel dubbed Kwata, amazing beats by Jegede and an outstanding video presentation done by the one and only Vic West. Vic West is an amazing movie and music director who is still underground yet his work is superb and speaks for itself.

Mbuzi gang have featured Rico gang another gengetone group comprising of Geegee, Harrycraze and Triand on this amazing jam. This is without a doubt a banger.

Keep subscribing to this channel for more hits and projects. The link is attached below.

Nina Roz Gaining Recognition in Kenya With The Release Of Her Video “Enyonta.”

(Check out this new banger by The Ugandan Property titled Enyonta on her YouTube Channel @NinaRoz Official.)
‘’Life teaches you to be strong all by yourself”

Nina Roz single handedly and with zeal undertakes a one woman performance in her new single Enyonta. She does it with so much passion and affection it’s a pleasant show and a blockbuster project.

We stun Nina Roz for her impeccable beauty but even so, her marvelous presentation in her new single dubbed ‘Enyonta’ is tremendous and beats all odds. Despite being unfamiliar with Ugandan songs, I have put it on replay and not to blubber because the singer’s voice is euphonious, the video quality dope and directed by the one and only Daddy Andree.

Enyonta means the thirst. The context of the song defines her longing for a love that she cannot have, a love felt to be near yet so far away. Her introduction talks of her regrets for hurting her lover and her sincere apology to him for unintentionally doing so. She says, “the juice I make is no longer sweet without you” (translated from Luganda to English) and all she needs is to be forgiven and things to go back to the way they used to be.

Die-hard fans on her YouTube channel came out with comments like,

– “a beautiful, warrior woman and above all comes from Uganda a country I carry in my heart. Nina is an example and Uganda is a dream of mine.”

-“Why is my Nina Roz underrated, because seriously, Nina seems to have it all.”

This is without a doubt an African hit because Nina Roz sings from the heart and that’s exactly how you pull a crowd, my personal comment.

Nina Roz, The Ugandan Property.

I have attached a link below so that you can enjoy this song from the comfort of your space.

More projects that you might not be aware of from Nina include her Ep titled Kyoyooko, Nangana a single featuring Daddy Andree, Kipande etc.

DOCUMENT YOURS.- Appreciating Photography.

~The further you dream, the further you go. -T. E.

Is your favorite color film-craft, snapshots? I gatchu.

If you know me, you should know how much of a Photophile ( Sucker for photography) I am.

I mean, operating a camera is not rocket science, please do not judge me for not knowing how to use one. I could learn, maybe I should.

Did you know that until the 11th century when an Iraqi scientist discovered the camera obscura photography was still a thing from the 5th century? Or the fact that the first professional digital camera was developed in 1991? Today we can take photos at the comfort of our phones, portable cameras and any digital machine that keeps evolving.

When you shift from shoot to shoot, laying your eggs in one basket and trusting that this is exactly what you’ll need, you discover how different photography is and how each photographer is uniquely imposed and with different impeccable skills. Photography is infact not as easy as shifting lanes or looking for the perfect light, it’s about connections, feelings and pretty much everything hard deemed easy.

Today, I discern the best. Today, I shall tell you about who to see when you seek imperfect perfection. Please note that all these creators are incredibly tremendous at what they do and no amount of credibility is satisfactory.

(Due to my lack of knowledge about cameras and photography; we shall wing along. Bare with me and with what I have.)

Sleekeye photography
Based allover. Just give him a call, he will come prepared and ready to work. From birthday shoots, to weddings, indoor photography to graduations, you name it. He does it all. Honestly, the hardwork is evident. The fact that he doesn’t delay your pictures is a thing clients like, commitment does pay. He really has a way with his clients. He says, “kama kuna kazi nitakuja”.I have a layout of his fine works below. I am awestruck, I don’t know about you.

Drift30 Photography.

I have no idea what inspired this kind of name but what I know is that he delivers. You can try out different poses with his guidance. He creates a friendly environment with his muses it’s easier to corporate. The anxiety goes. Based in Nairobi Kenya, he is flexible depending on his schedule. He has worked with Yvonne Okwara, Tanasha Donna, Xtiandela and many other famous figures.

Tommie Ominde.

This kind of art is distinctive. Magnifique, and not because any kind of photography is not unique but because I have not seen this kind of quirky creations. I have never worked with Tommie before but I see his layouts on instagram and the many shout outs from familiar photography pages. He is pretty much flexible but I think a thing he loves is nature, documentaries. Nigga uses his iphone sometimes to capture phenomenal images. (gangster)


It’s the simplest of ideas that we all relate to that has the most impact.

Working with great muses is also a plus. Having ideas and executing them simply but with much elegance is a thing he possess. Have you seen his editing skills?

Odi’s chemistry with muses is out of this world.

Apart from bare photography,he does video shoots, filming and editing. If you’re looking to resemble a model, this is without a doubt your guy.


Famously known as the expression nomad. (The only nomad who hunts for expressions).

~If you ain’t got culture, you ain’t got shit~

He has been documenting his culture’s lifestyle since I knew him. From politics stories to Kilifi’s amazing culture and the coast entirely.

A tourist in his own country. His film has been featured in KTN before and he is always elevating to new heights.

I might have trouble choosing the right images but it’s all excellent work.

Caleb Jambo

Originality well painted. Crafting exactly how it is and telling a story whether it’s of culture, or an image of pure emotions. He also loves to document his culture and take pictures of nature.

I have not seen such a hardworking, dedicated photographer. He is cost friendly.

Tune In for more stories.

Read away if you just discovered this page, oh how I love visitors.

Photography is a skill therefore everyday learning is paramount. Each photographer is versatile until they find their weak spot.

Sailor’s Chunduka In The Top African New Hits.

Highlighted in the top Ten African Hits is Chunduka by Sailors featuring Amwilly. This is a Nigerian station which means that the track is listen to by most Africans. The song is exclusively a party gengetone vibe with great beats and awesome energy. Chunduka means to run towards fun and towards opportunities.

The song appears before Epatan’s Bugatti and some other great Afro hits. Amwilly who is recently embracing gengetone grounds has featured in this song with great energy that matches the one this group possesses. I met the guy sometime back and for someone with two tracks since his journey in music, he is prepared for greater things.

Hang your hat, let me take you through the escapades of CHUNDUKA.

As sailors battle to regain their glorious position in the gengetone scene, they have amazing tracks lined up for you their work all tremendous and commendable. The journey has been tough for them with their channel being taken away from them. The little incident has played a backslide game to their progress but they do not despair.

This is one energetic group. Chunduka was produced and directed by Sadafa.

Check out this hit on their official YouTube channel @Sailors Official Ke and follow all socials Sailors official 254.

I have been here before

Bound by iced lies,

Pretty fake smile,

Forced talks,

Sorrounding dark ambience,

Silent but thought provoked,

Expressing myself I couldn’t,

I have been here before.

The crooked walls, pimped with dirt,

Loose tiles, muddled and jumbled up pillows.

My hair disorderly..

Please, “if I could be free?”

Tormenting voices recurring,



I have been here before.

Maddox Ep released on the 15th of March, 2021.

Embracing grounds that have been classified as impossible before should be proclaimed a win. I think Kenyan artists working on Eps more than in the past is a tremendous improvement and a little credit wouldn’t hurt. An Ep is definitely not a single therefore a lot of work goes into this particular project before full satisfaction is guaranteed.

Where are you at with Maddox? Familiar with this badass dancehall gengetone singer and songwriter?

Maddox also popularly known as Mkuruweng is a Boondocks Gang member. He says boondocks are like the local migos because despite thoroughly partaking in different projects, they are still brothers and a crew at heart.

Maddox ep is titled Good fi Life. Literally speaks for itself. It’s like, love your life, live it and have fun. You only live once and life is too short to not achieve your desires. Respectfully, make the most of it. There are party vibes on there too with a restrictive message that says, “parental advisory explicit content.” Beware.

The album features goons in the scene, the likes of Boutross with hits like sticky, kuja na madem, paukwa pakawa, she is a thief etc. featured in the album.

Check out his incredible work at all socials@edumaddox.

By Trizah Esther


Tell the truth,

But tell it slant,

For I couldn’t stop for death,

I could not not put a legacy on my footprints,

For I shun to write bout the deep stuff,

Logic or instinctively wired?


But there isn’t enough silence in the world, maybe that’s the shortcoming.

Maybe I am just the hypocrite.

So I invite my scars to dine with,

Befriended anxiety that I take a stroll with.

For eternity, I have referred this self isolation to my little broken peaceful world.

Low-key fucked up.

Do you think Maddox the second member of Boondocks Gang to release an Ep is Underrated?

Watch our first episode of GET TO KNOW YOUR ARTIST where He COULDN’T handle the chilies.

The curfew…huh!!! Seems like corona comes out at night. Another sad week in Kenya. I am not about to bore you with our unplanned political scandals yet but here to disclose interesting stuff.

As he walks by with an energy drink to the spicy room, he has no idea what is in store for him, not even a clue. We exchange greetings and get right into it because time does not circle backwards. He has come to reveal about his latest projects and we are humbled to be the hosts.

Maddox is a Boondocks’ gang member whose voice is gengetone dancehall, with a single called sticky coming out this Monday,15th March 2021 he has more to give out (CHECK NEXT POST). For him, everyone has their own time to shine, which is universally virtuous.

Getting comfortable into the hot sit, we talk about life, curfew, comedians and Kenyan bloggers being arrested. It’s a BTS kind of scenario as we wait for the Camera Man to finish up setting.

Are you sure you can handle what’s coming?

Long story short, he takes one for the team because he wouldn’t rate them from his favourite to least favourite. The brocode!!! I swear he could not handle it well. The entire time he got uncomfortable while trying to answer the questions but I truly dig because chilly isn’t your mama and to chew it raw, that’s just preposterous. I cannot wait for you to check out the video and his facials.

But really, do you think this amazing Kenyan artist is not getting enough credit as expected, or it’s a time, universe aligning type of situation?

Gari Kubwa by Swat Getting To That 100k Views In Just Four Days.

It’s international woman’s day, how phenomenal!!!

Now, I would love to point out a few bangers to dance to as you toast to that wine with your girl squad.

As you dance to ‘Shamra Shamra’ which is on the road to 3m views, I am here to remind you about ‘Gari Kubwa’ that is topping the charts. Swat is gracing a journey of dropping singles and your boy has not come out to play. I mean, the beats to this song are the furnace itself, produced by motif di Don.

We all know Swat from Ethics and basically the godfather of gengetone with the famous hit ‘lamba lolo’. While we know it’s easy to break through the market as a group, Swat is here once again to confirm that indeed you can do it all alone.

Channelling into solo projects is a new one for him and it seems like he is riding on the wave just fine. Fans love to hear it.

Did I mention that he is a father of one? A husband for that matter. Story for another day.

Wishing all my lovely ladies a Happy International Women’s Day as you listen to Gari Kubwa which is an appreciation song for a well endorsed lady.

Click that subscribe button on YouTube @Black Market Records, like and share as we get to 200k.

THE RISE OF MBUZI GANG.Sherehe Sheria set to premier on the 10th of March.

I have this gut wrenching feeling you effin with this.

Background, History, Lifestyle.
From the archives, to the propitious.
The beat don’t stop.
A child is born from a Dj father, right from the land of opulence, a rich culture, plenty of harvests. From the same settlement, an entertainer comes about, comic and full of life. These two do not know each other and did not until their destinies get intertwined. The universe has a way of playing with fates, the universe responds in accordance to our dreams.

Moh derived from Fathermor was born in Nairobi, Kenya and joins the Gang in 2019. He has never sang before not even in a school choir. This guy is so good that we have to credit his success to ascertainment, sleepless nights of determination and well, good luck charms.
I shall take you through each member;

Mbuzi Gang at boomplay.

Even I would love a movie name like Tiffany Hadish but I am not Joe’s sister. That his father cherished the name Joe, a movie star he adored he had to name him. Preposterous!!!
Joefes a rebranded version of Joe goes by the name Joseph Getugi, he lived in Kisumu for a while but originally his parents are from Kisii. Joe met Iphoolish through high school ‘funkies’ where they established a bond; ‘musical chemistry’. His first project was a single called “Metamorphosis” right in 2016, later on he dropped “Ebibengi” and another single in 2017 dubbed “Igwe” which literally means a holder of a significant royal title. My favourite song of him is “Like this” and here is when I personally begun to pursue him as a musician.
In 2017, he signs up with Black Market Records who have been nurturing him ever since. Together with Iphoolish and Fathermor, the three make a deadly trio, a perfect combo.

“We’ve got to be international until each one of us becomes a household name, we won’t stop.”
The Fresh Prince of Kisii, I assume was derived from the sitcom, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will Smith stars is originally from Kisii. Mike Makori started as an SDA entertainer. He exclusively began his career in the limelight in 2009 where he dropped his first single unexpected arrival. Iphoolish started as a hip-hop artist with beats like ‘she shines’ and ‘naira bas’ and later gaining recognition by Black Market Records in 2018. The journey has not been the same ever since.

‘Unaskia beat unatetema…..’
And so he holds his head like, you really have to shake because this beat is fire.
This is the ‘hook master’. Fathermor was born in Nairobi. His identification names are Joseph Otieno Ojwang. On regular days, I picture him to be an actor or some sort of entertainer.
He joined the crew in 2019 completing the triangle and has been shining ever since. Apart from having a secretive life, he really is funny.
Collectively, the three have managed to make Wagithomo a favourite to many people. I should not even start on Shamra Shamra because every Kenyan cringes at the mention of this banger.

Sherehe sheria drops on the 10th of this month, a party song where Jovial is featured. Now my boss would say, ‘let the crowd decide whether this is a banger’ and I represent the crowd. While I would like to drop my sentiments, painfully and with one closed eye I will not.
All I can say, “It is slick”

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