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Talking Oranges¿¿

Clearly, the enthusiasm for reform has fizzled out in this state. No, seriously… This is scary. Blood curdling, eerie, fearsome, hairy….all the creepy words I could recollect. Getting lost in a jungle or deserted island is less traumatizing. When the story was being narrated, my hands voluntarily rested on my head in disbelief. I haveContinue reading “Talking Oranges¿¿”

Of the Immoderate.

The foretaste, To endure the backsliding, Henceforth, I shall take the steps of courage to outlast. A grasp of the moment for lessons drawn to meander within. For me, it’s the patience, To cling onto hope. To comprehend that I failed today but because tomorrow I shall triumph. To be kind to my soul, successContinue reading “Of the Immoderate.”

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