On a quest – A gypsy?

Friday should smell like mojitos, barbecue chicken wings, a touch of lavender eau de parfum, a tryst of pure affection and fake slayqueen vibes. The clicking sound of ice in a glass gin dominated. This is where subaru guys feel the dominion, a grasp of driving power to suit their egos.

My neighbor is about to burn my nostrils with the smell of charred omena. Even though I love Omena, spare my Friday. Fridays have now narrowed down to tolerance and indulgence in meaningless small talk with the guy I notice just once a year. It has nothing to do with him but everything to do with me. A loner? Maybe. Now I know he uses sunlight as his bathing soap, that he sleeps at 4.00a.m. every day except on Sundays when he’s out. Sometimes he replays the songs I play, adjusting the volume to full blast. Although he is chatty and a vibe, I wish I was dumped on a deserted island, there isn’t a way our vivacity could match, not even in the next life.

The enthusiasm to relate to a creature, the burning aspiration to figure out what men are has itched my soul since it dawned on me that I was entering the womanhood realm. I would dwell with boys, imitate their fashion sense and try to talk like they did. The hustle spirit, I admired. So I dreamt of what it felt like to be a man. To have the society look upto you. No, I would not transgender, oooh come on. Your wild imaginations!!! I didn’t say it’s uncalled for. It’s a choice.

I wanted to figure out how someone wouldn’t know how to multitask and still share the same affection with not less than three women. The eagerness to maintain an arrogant spirit but still know how to soothe the soul, all the right words to say. Do men approach life like a video game? Do they tackle every challenge because winning is the only option? Sadly, not all do.

The rains. I craved, but now that they approach, I could only clutch on my duvet as a friend. Do you feel the cold? My palms are iced up. A hot coffee please 🤗.

My buddy asks me why I used my name as anonimodinger. I say, I wanted to be anonymous. An anonymous geek. He goes on to challenge, you could write as a guy, confuse your readers. That’s a crazy idea except for the fact that I messed it all up in the third chapter. Clearly, the obscurity won’t work. I know a thing or two about men though.

My mind screams, we do not understand men. Perhaps, we have formed an opinion, it’s stuck like a gum in our minds. Some have come to believe in that opinion that their way of life revolves around it. We know what we have heard and dwelt on it. Truths are not facts. They can be challenged but we do not seek the light. How is it that the child in a guy dominates when they watch a game or play FIFA? Even I want to know. Is this where they feel at home? Releasing all that energy and vast emotions they carry at heart. Is a man just supposed to be a man? Speak less, conceal your fears and deal with them alone. Do they feel that this is a burden, only they need to bare?

We do not know what we don’t know. Perhaps I should broaden my spectrum. See life at different angles. But the nature of a quest is that and more. So, I follow the right track.

We could go on and on about boys. The promises and lies, the tingly adoration for ass and boobs, the masculinity, the child stuck in the parent, the pain to carry a burden of disappointments but it is part of the revolution. It is what makes a man a man, ain’t it?

Published by Trizah

Phoenix, multi-talented

2 thoughts on “On a quest – A gypsy?

  1. Sunlight as his bathing soap and wishing you were dumpedbon a deserted island. How much do You loathe the guy?

    I’d say at the base level men are the same just as at the base level women are. But many other things vary depending on environment, culture, exposure, location and others. Our characters defined by our dominant thoughts, then they define our habits and we become. Almost as if the outward personality presented to the world is a result of what you’ve practiced.

    We are also curious about women, as much as women are about men. Nice post.

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