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Adam’s Two Cents On The Mile High Tumblers Foundation.

Interview Part 2.

Adam Yaw

“Who has the combination of skill, longevity and experience that Ozell has?” ~Adam, Graphics Designer MHT.

Adam shares a deep affinity with the Mile High Tumblers association as a result of venerating Ozell Williams capabilities.

He is not only a graphic designer but also a part time coach assistant. He has endless possibilities and the potential to do anything in his dominion. Diversity comes with the chore.

(You know how we do it over here…….We keep it ITX / MHT5280 all day, everyday.)

Get acquainted with the pick of the litter as I do a thorough in-depth assessment of the Mile High Tumblers Foundation and what it’s all about.

My exemplification, as I updated you in the last episode, is Adam. As my second interviewee and respondent, his perspective and artlessness is admirable. As raw and rare as one can be, Adam points out directly what he admires about Ozell Williams and the foundation. He goes ahead to give out his unsolicited opinion on this and that without fear of contradiction.

Below, I had the honor to put this together for your perusal.

Who are you? What is your background?

Adam doing what he loves…

I’m Adam. I grew up a gymnast and started cheering at the University of Washington and later the University of Hawai’i. I have also been drawing my whole life and that turned into freelance graphics and oil painting. I currently do a number of graphics and website work for Ozell Williams.

How long have you been involved with the programs?

I met Ozell Williams in 2013 when we were in Team USA (Coed Cheer).
At the time he asked me if I ever ran tumbling camps. He’s stayed in touch ever since.

Why did you personally decide to invest and be apart of the company and believe in Ozell’s vision?

I’m a part of the company because Ozell wants me to be(light laughter). In a sense that he has regard for my capabilities.
I definitely believe in Ozell’s passion. Seriously, who has the combination of skill, longevity, and experience that Ozell has? He has been ambitious with his tumbling projects, and I’m excited to see them gain more traction.

Adam showcasing his artistic skills

What has it done for you since you’ve been involved?

More than anything – and rather selfishly – it is nice to feel appreciated. I know Ozell values what I do for him.

What has it done for the kids involved?

I do not personally have any children, but any kids that I have coached that have experienced a training camp with Ozell have certainly benefited.

Have you witnessed some of the companies ups and downs? How has those situation been handled? Does it still stand strong? How is the company getting stronger?

Yes. A number of years back, the media and some disgruntled cheerleaders/parents did their best to drag O’s name through the mud. It happens. Most individuals with a cheer or gymnastics background knew where Ozell was coming from, but some found it hard to associate with him when that happened. I honestly had some self-preservation in mind, and one of the other companies I worked for at the time wanted any connection between them and O to disappear. From that moment, I think Ozell has handled it – and is handling it – as best as anyone could. I’m happy to see the Mile High Tumblers name resurface. I believe the company and additional projects are all accelerating in the right direction. Tumbling is Ozell’s legacy so I am glad he is able to keep doing it.

In your words what is this program all about? And where do you see it going?

Adam with The Bellevue Tumblers team.

Ozell loves to help kids and show them a path of what is possible for them. It is fun and interesting to watch what started as just tumbling classes and camps grow into what could have international draw and significance.

If sponsors asked what you all needed the most in order to reach the next success level and grow more what would that be?

I’m sure others could answer that better than me. Ozell has assembled a good circle around him – everyone with their own specialties. I just know that each new grant the company receives helps bring O’s vision to life and gives a lot of people more opportunities.

What would be your message to everyone out there listening?

Keep your eyes and ears open for the Mile High Tumblers 5280 and the International Tumbling Xtravaganza. You know who Ozell is. He’s not done yet!

Adam’s choice of words and presentation to me felt authentic hence commendable. His love for the company and Ozell Williams proves just how worthy the cause is.

Inspiring The World One Flip At A Time.

Tumbling as a lifestyle

MHT Mission.

“To develop strong athletes and well-rounded citizens by teaching discipline, responsibility, respect, sense of ownership, and other characteristics that mimic upstanding citizenship. Our goal is to prepare each member mentally and physically while simultaneously teaching them how to build and maintain strong long term bridges, and positive networks within the community.”

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