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Seeing MHT From A Coach’s Perspective Ft Makayla Juniel.

Makayla Juniel..

Learning all the wonderful tumbling skills is just the start of the lessons you can learn here at Mile High Tumblers with the founder, Ozell Williams.

Today, we have one of the coaches of Mile High Tumblers, Makayla Juniel, responding to some of the questions about MHT. She also does networking for the company.
Her drive was inspired by her tutor Ozell and she is ready to change the community alongside him.

Makayla looks up to her grandfather who inspired her to take care of her family.

[You already know, we keep it MHT5280 & ITX here all day everyday.]

Pure love and vibes….

“We are moms, dads, daughters, aunts, uncles, etc coming together to try and make the world a better place one youth at a time,” are some inspiring words Makayla Juniel has to spare for us.

The following is our conversation with the oh-so-jubilant Makayla Juniel.

Who are you? What is your background?

My name is Makayla Juniel, born in Colorado and raised in Georgia. I am a woman with many ventures, am a flight attendant, an entrepreneur, an influencer and a YouTuber.

What Do You Do For Mile High Tumblers?

I started coaching at MHT back in 2016, took some time off to go to college and work then later came back to help with coaching, networking and bridging connections between other business owners in the community with Ozell and I.

How long have you been involved with the  programs?

As I said, I joined Mile High Tumblers back in 2016 as Ozell William’s trainee then became a coach.

Why did you personally decide to invest and be apart of the company and believe in Ozell’s vision?

I decided to invest and be part of the company because Ozell is family. He is out in the community doing great work, he’s positive, energetic and he has a trailblazing vision to inspire and put in work in the communities and I want to be there to support him an help in any way I can.

What has it done for you since you’ve been involved?

Since my involvement, I have got the chance to network at great events that they have been to, and my clothing and travel boutique has been able to gain more exposures and sales. I have also been able to grow professionally, picking up on some valuable business tips from Ozell along the way.

Have you witnessed some of the companies ups and downs?

Yes I have. Back in 2017, I witnessed a down in the company.

How have those situation been handled? Does it still stand strong?
How is the company getting stronger?

I can say, Ozell is a great person, and at the end of the day genuine always wins. He overcame his battles by being himself and despite the situation remaining positive and sticking to his truth. The company is as strong as it is today, and still growing stronger, because we all realize where it started, where it is now, and where it is going.

In your words what is this program all about? And where do you see it going?

Makayla & Ozell Williams during a Tumbling practice.

The program is mainly about the youth. Teaching them discipline, health and nutrition, giving them a purpose to focus on and keeping them out of trouble, family and fun. We are dealing with our next generation and we want to do right by them.

If sponsors asked what you all needed the most next in order to reach the next success level and grow more what would that be?

If sponsors were to ask what we needed most in order to continue excelling to new levels, it would be dedicated gyms globally where we could teach, encourage, hold events, and give our athletes a second home to go to.

What would be your message to everyone out there listening?

My message to everyone would be that Ozell is hardworking and the visionary for the company. We joined his team because we believe in his dream.

You can get in touch with Makayla Juniel via her boutique website &
her YouTube is

As always, I am here to remind you about the MHT Mission and it’d be a great deal if you shared this with your friends and family to make its future glistening and Ozell’s dream to come true.

Inspiring The World One Flip At A Time.

MHT Mission:

To develop strong athletes and well-rounded citizens by teaching discipline, responsibility, respect, sense of ownership, and other characteristics that mimic upstanding citizenship. Our goal is to protect each member mentally and physically while simultaneously teaching them how to build strong long term bridges, and positive networks within the community.

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