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Sannah Sanneh Believes That Mile High Tumblers Is The Next Big Thing.

MHT Digital Marketer Sannah Sanneh

Human relations require pro-handlers. You’ve got to have the ability to visualize someone’s thinking from their own perspective and be able to comprehend and see where they are coming from. It gets even more complex when most interactions happen online.

An interview session with Sannah Sanneh awakens my inner genius, the man clearly knows that the future of business is ‘social media‘. This is a powerful tool for marketing and business growth and his understanding of it makes him the perfect fit for this interview.

As a digital marketer at MHT, Sanna Sanneh’s work is to monitor or handle social interactions and campaigns of Mile High Tumblers’ website and socials. Just like the past interviews we’ve had from our previous blogs, Sanna too is inspirited and motivated by Ozell William’s dream to make the community a better place. He is so passionate about the programs it’s enlivening.

Health Tip(s).

Tumbling offers many hours of balance, fitness, flexibility and fun and at Mile High Tumblers, they offer tumbling classes year round. Exercise is good for you. Virtually all medical professionals would sign off on that proposition. All exercise is not created equal but a little is better than none, so get up from that desk every hour or so as to increase blood flow.

(Remember to keep it MHT5280 & ITX all day, everyday.)

Let’s get to know about him and his work further;

Who are you? What is your background?

My name is Sanna Sanneh and I am a digital marketer and social media specialist. As a creative and strategic thinker, I solve business and marketing problems through innovative and
creative approaches.

What do you do for Mile High Tumblers?

I am a Digital Marketer at MHT.

How long have you been involved with the programs?

I have been working with MHT for the last seven months.

Why did you personally decide to invest and be apart of the company and believe in Ozell’s vision?

I joined the team because I see this program as an opportunity to make a contribution to the world. Through tumbling and entertainment, Ozell has a great vision for making a difference.

What has it done for you since you’ve been involved?

I’ve been focused mostly on developing marketing strategies to expose the brand to thousands of youths around the world, so they can be inspired to make a positive impact in their own
communities through tumbling and entainment.

Have you witnessed some of the companies ups and downs? How has those situation been handled? How is the company getting stronger?

We are having some challenges due to lack of resources. When the company is able to acquire more funds (grants), it can connect with more young people who are willing to learn and make a difference in their own communities. This in turn will inspire other youths to join the movement to cause a global impact.

In your words what is this program all about? And where do you see it going?

Through trumbling and participation, the program seeks to bring people together and encourage their involvement in the development of their own communities. In my opinion, this is a way in which thousands of communities and youths can live transformational lives.

If sponsors asked what you all needed the most next in order to reach the next success level and grow more what would that be?

MHT needs all the financial support it can get to spread this program to millions of youths across the globe so they can serve as ambassadors for change in their communities. This will encourage more youths to stay out of trouble, stay healthy and become more involved in community development through sports and entertainment.

What would be your message to everyone out there listening?

This is the best coaching program out there. We believe that everyone has a dream, and we are here to help you tap into your creativity through tumbling and entertainment regardless of your age, color or ethnicity.

Ozell Williams together with the team.

Where To Find Sannah Sanneh.

If you are a business owner and looking for support with your social media and digital
marketing. I will be glad to help you get to the next level.
WhatApp: +2207348859

As a scholar and professional tumbler, Ozell Williams’ work has brought in communal improvement and as a reader you make writing and cultural commentary possible as you read our articles.

MHT Mission

To develop strong athletes and well-rounded citizens by teaching discipline, responsibility, respect, sense of ownership, and other characteristics that mimic upstanding citizenship. Our goal is to protect each member mentally and physically while simultaneously teaching them how to build strong long term bridges, and positive networks within the community.


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