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Aysha Began As A Tumbler And Is Now Coaching At Mile High Tumblers.

Aysha coaching young tumblers…

Seeing the immense amount of time and resources Ozell puts to help the community motivates me to continue being apart of the organization.”

Tumblers perform gymnastic skills on a 25 metres long sprung track jumping, twisting and doing flips while placing their hands and feet on the tumbling mat. They are judged on how peculiar their routine is and how long they can go. Tumbling works all of your muscles from every angle by connecting and making your sport strong.
It is also a great form for flexibility; you have to move your hips, wrists, shoulders, joints and elbows through a full motion when tumbling.

Aysha, Ozell & some members from MHT

(Keep it MHT5280 & ITX all day, everyday.)

Aysha began as a tumbler under the guidance of Ozell Williams before going to college to pursue music performance as a career. She would later reunite with the crew as a coach and active participant of the organization.

As I extensively dive into the Mile High Tumblers organization, I had the privilege to bring Aysha on board. As young as she might seem, Aysha is lettered, astute and witty.

Get the tea from the horse’s mouth. Aysha tells it all, charmingly explaining to us her passions and wishes for the future at MHT.

Who are you? What is your background?

Tumbling moments….

My name is Aysha, I have been tumbling with Ozell Williams since I was 16 years old.

How long have you been involved with the programs?

I started tumbling with Ozell when I was around 16/17 years and then I stopped tumbling for a bit because I went to college for music performance.

Why did you personally decide to invest and be apart of the company and believe in Ozell’s vision?

I think, outside of having been apart of the program, it was seeing the immense amount of time and resources Ozell puts to help the community. He brings people together so that kids have access to things that they might not have.

What has it done for you since you’ve been involved?

I think being involved has given me a bit more perspective on where kids are right now after the pandemic. Things are genuinely difficult for a lot of kids and it means a lot to be able to be there for them!

What has it done for your kid being involved?

All of my younger siblings have been apart of the program and I think it gave them a really great community to try new things and meet new people! But,also, learn how to try new things safely.

Have you witnessed some of the companies ups and downs? How has those situation been handled? Does it still stand strong? How is the company getting stronger?

Young tumblers… ❄️

I have witnessed, second hand, some of the ups and downs. While I can’t speak on the specifics, I can say that MHT5280 as a whole is always striving to bring the best program to kids and improving their coaching techniques etc. So there isn’t a situation that isn’t accounted for as we are building our programs. I think this makes us stronger as a company because while we do have some fundamentals we are always learning, always building, always listening and improving because the kids in our program deserve at least that much from us.

In your words what is this program all about? And where do you see it going?

Our program is about teaching kids to face their fears, and be confident in themselves and what they can do, no matter what adversities they may face. I see us expanding and bringing tumbling to the masses.

If sponsors asked what you all needed the most next in order to reach the next success level and grow more what would that be?

I think what would be most helpful is having our own location and more equipment so that we have more of a hand in the times our classes are happening. Likewise, more room means we could accommodate more kids.

What would be your message to everyone out there listening?

My message would be: keep an eye out for us and our athletes! We’re the next big thing.

MHT Mission.

Taking tumbling to bigger heights…

To develop strong athletes and well-rounded citizens by teaching discipline, responsibility, respect, sense of ownership, and other characteristics that mimic upstanding citizenship. Our goal is to protect each member mentally and physically while simultaneously teaching them how to build strong long term bridges, and positive networks within the community


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